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The Infinity marries the traditional sound of the vintage ribbon microphone with exceptional transient response and attention to sonic detail. Featuring a hand-tuned ribbon element coupled to a custom designed O.E.P. output transformer, the Infinity has a healthy output, even frequency response, excellent side & hum rejection with a very low noise floor making it an extremely versatile microphone. A live variant is offered for those who want a slightly more rugged microphone. It maintains the same family sound but we increase the internal baffling and the thickness of the ribbon to achieve this.

Technical details

Our current offerings

the original infinity microphone with 1,8u foil. Acoustically transparent headbasket, and custom O.E.P. output transformer. Available in single, or matched stereo pairs.

a slightly more rugged version of this microphone with thicker 2.5u foil, more internal baffling, and reduced proximity effect. Available in single, or matched pairs.

either STUDIO or LIVE variants are available in a custom colour: order here, and I will follow up and confirm your colour choices! Available in single, or matched pairs.
  • 2 equally fantastic coatings are available, view C series here and H series here. Inspired by trumpeter Etienne Charles, we introduced custom colours. Periwinkle blue is his favourite colour, which we custom built for him - thank you, Etienne!

  • 10 time Grammy Winner Arturo Sandoval records his latest album on his Gen 2 Infinity Studio microphone.

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    Shipping information

    Shipping is now inclusive in the final price. Worldwide express shipping available as standard via DHL! *Parcelforce for Republic of Ireland, Royal Mail Special Delivery for UK to ensure the fastest delivery within the British Isles.

    The Lead time on each microphone varies from 1-3 months as they are hand-crafted and depend heavily on volume of orders and delays due to business closure. We always work to process the orders as quickly as possible. Despite this, we strive to maintain the highest standard of build quality and commit to delight every customer with their microphone.

    NOTE: For custom colour CHROMA builds I estimate a 3 month wait.