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Pre-orders currently available at £450 + P&P which includes:
- 1x "infinity" microphone
- 1x shock mount
- 1x peli-style case
- 1x 5/8" to 3/8" adapter
- 1x t-shirt of your size
- 1x stickers
- 1x Irish linen tote bag

Each microphone is built by hand, and to order; orders will be fulfilled on a first-in first-out basis. We endeavour to ship within 4 weeks, signed, insured and tracked. Please ensure the correct item is selected when ordering; UK vs EU/USA prices differ based solely on shipping. Collections are welcome, and will receive shipping costs refunded.

Why choose our mic?

This is a characterful ribbon microphone with a nod to the classic sound of the golden era of recording; these are warm and detailed microphones suited to many studio applications and instruments. Ribbon microphones respond far better to EQ than others - they are much more resistant to phase change - as such you can take a characterful somewhat vintage sounding microphone and make it sound very modern and crisp using EQ. This makes this microphone a Swiss Army Knife.

Our current offerings

STUDIO: studio microphone with 1,8u foil - see the technical specifications in detail below.

LIVE: a more rugged version of this microphone with thicker 4u foil, and a higher output Cinemag CM9887 transformer. This will have slightly less resolution, and will be a little darker sounding, but will be more suited to use as a horn soloist, for example.

Technical specifications

- Ribbon microphone: fig 8 pickup pattern
- 1,8u 99.9% Aluminium foil ribbon element with LIFETIME warranty/replacement
- Neodymium motor assembly
- Cinemag's RCA 44 output transformer (CM9888, 1:28)
- Proprietary 2 layer (coarse stainless steel outer, woven stainless silk inner) designed for acoustic transparency

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