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This is a characterful ribbon microphone with a nod to the classic sound of the golden era of recording. These are warm and detailed microphones suited to many studio applications and instruments. In general, ribbon microphones respond far better to EQ than others as they are much more resistant to phase change. Therefore, you can take a characterful somewhat vintage sounding microphone and make it sound very modern and crisp using EQ. This makes this microphone a Swiss Army Knife.

Each microphone is built by hand and to order; orders will be fulfilled on a first-in first-out basis. Please read more about shipping below.

Our current offerings

STUDIO: studio microphone with 1,8u foil - see the technical specifications in detail below.

LIVE: a more rugged version of this microphone with thicker 4u foil, and a higher output Cinemag CM9887 transformer. This will have slightly less resolution and will be a little darker sounding. This will be more suited to use as a horn soloist, for example.

Technical details

  • Ribbon microphone: figure-8 pickup pattern.
  • 1,8u 99.9% Aluminium foil ribbon element with LIFETIME warranty/replacement.
  • Neodymium motor assembly.
  • Cinemag's RCA 44 output transformer (CM9888, 1:28).
  • Proprietary 2 layer (coarse stainless steel outer, woven stainless silk inner) designed for acoustic transparency.
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    Infinity Ribbon mic

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    Shipping information

    Shipping is now inclusive in the final price and uses the Royal Mail 24 service within the UK, Parcelforce 24 for Eire, and either Royal Mail International Standard (with tracking) or Parcelforce International (with tracking) for Europe, USA, Canada etc. Some non-EU countries may have unusually high shipping costs - please contact us with any concerns. Expedited international shipping can be arranged at additional cost.

    The Lead time on each microphone varies from 1-3 months as they are hand-crafted and depend heavily on volume of orders and delays due to business closure. We always work to process the orders as quickly as possible. Despite this, we strive to maintain the highest standard of build quality and commit to delight every customer with their microphone.